nana_damoah_1Nana Awere Damoah (1975- )was born in Accra, Ghana. He holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nottingham, UK, a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana. Nana spent all his secondary or high school years at Ghana National College, Cape Coast, Ghana and speaks fondly of growing up in the suburb of Kotobabi, in the Ghanaian capital, where he started his education at the local Providence Preparatory School.
A British Council Chevening alumnus, Nana works with PZ Wilmar in Lagos, Nigeria. He is an associate of Joyful Way Incorporated, a Christian Music Ministry in Ghana, where he was the group’s National President from 2002 to 2004.
Nana started writing seriously in 1993 when he was in the sixth form and has had a number of his short stories published in the Mirror and the Spectator. In 1997, he won the first prize in the Step Magazine National Story Writing Competition. His writing has appeared in StoryTime ezine, Legon Business Journal, Sentinel Nigeria Magazine and the anthology African Roar (StoryTime Publishing, 2010).
He is the author of four non-fiction books: Sebitically Speaking (2015), I Speak of Ghana (2013), Through the Gates of Thought (2010) and Excursions in my Mind (2008) and one work of fiction, a collection of short stories: Tales from Different Tails (2011). He has also contributed to two anthologies. He keeps personal blogs at &, and is a columnist on
He is married to Vivian. The couple and their children, Nana Kwame Bassanyin, Nana Yaw Appiah, and Maame Esi Akoah, are based in Tema, Ghana.

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  1. Patricia Ohemaa says:

    I salute you Sir, More grease to yur Elbow Sir..Bless u nd ur hard work.

  2. Evans Adu-Gyamfi says:

    Isn’t the seemingly sharp contrast simply fascinating? How a holder of Masters in Chemical Engineering turns a social and soul-touching author. Limitless possibilities indeed!….Adu-Gyamfi, The SocialCaptain. .

  3. You are such an inspiration to your generation! I’m blessed finding myself on this site of yours. More grace, greater favour and my love to your wife Vivian. Abena Asare

  4. kofilarbi30 says:

    thanks for the copies of the books. they were good reads. now recommending it to my students to open minds to the essence of life..

  5. Barnabas Mbogo says:

    Kazi nzuri sana Nana, quite an impression.

  6. Edward Larnyoh says:

    Thanks for inspiring many including myself….God bless you.

  7. Nana, where is your follow button?

  8. Derek Nikoi says:

    NANA, It could not have been better. I like the site layout and you also chose the right combination of colors. They make reading very friendly and browsing very exciting. Great piece of work buddy and again, we are impressed and also inspired. God Bless.

  9. emekanobis says:

    Great and inspirational. I write too. I am a Mechanical engineer and I speak and write. I have written a few mails to you via facebook though I haven’t received much response. I look forward to being on a platform with you because I will like to get into Ghana with my books too.
    God bless you sir.

  10. Emmanuel Agyenfra says:

    Nice one there.I’m a student journalist and praying to become a noble one like you.I have written stories yet to be published

  11. Jennifer Summerton says:

    Your writing is always such a pleasure to read, Nana. I love the way that you give the reader credit by not over explaining things, but instead offering them an informed path to follow. The more light hearted of your stories always make me smile and miss West Africa. I have a baby daughter now and hope to bring her one day 🙂

  12. Aaron Ampong says:

    Great ‘NANA’ you have inspired some of us, we hope to follow the trend and lift the flag of ghanacoll high..please NANA i think i may need your help a little , kindly reach me on 0240415933. thank you and God richly Bless you.

  13. beatrice says:

    I am highly impressed.

  14. emma says:

    very much impressed, hope to know you more your articles are inspirational

  15. Thanks Tufa, Sandi is a good friend of mine. You know how to overcome the laziness? Write everyday! Looking forward to interacting more with you.

  16. Tufa says:

    I am very impressed, I doff my hat. I write as well, but I’ve allowed laziness to set in. I am inspired to start afresh again. I got to know you through Sandi Nartey.
    Cheers bros.

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