“Real, Funny and Beautifully Written” – Amazon Reader Review (HanatAkordor)

I am curious about anything African so when I came across this book by an African and Ghanaian writer,I had to check it out.
Nana Awere Damoah has put together a collection of short stories set in different parts of Ghana. He covers stories starting with life on a University campus to students parting ways, a national service chapter, Kojo seeking greener pastures in the city and a hilarious public transport journey amongst others.
The decision to put down or flip along the pages of any book is made from the first chapter and the writer bears this in mind as he captivates the reader from the beginning.
Nana Damoah’s descriptive choice of words and creation of vivid scenery takes you into the lives of the characters making it even more captivating.
The stories are memorable, humorous and thought provoking with lessons to be learnt.
The book overall is an easy read and will certainly lighten up your day from start to finish.

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