Excursions in My Mind

In this brilliant series of articles, supported by quotations from literary sources, the Bible and contemporary Church leaders, Nana Awere Damoah covers a broad sweep of the Christian faith as practised in every life.
The author’s background in Engineering, studies in the UK as a British Chevening scholar and work for Unilever give him a sound base for outreach to his fellow believers. His keen participation in the Joyful Way ministry and hs manifest love of books also reveal his awareness of music and the power of ‘the Word’ in every sense.
Among these easily digestible, bite-sized essays are pieces of poetry and passages of Bible study, amusing stories about the author’s family and schooling, reflections on key issues such as self-help, leadership, love for parents, nature of friendship, and what he calls ‘partnership with Jesus’. Indeed for Nana Damoah, life is a business to be worked at and lived, not just dreamed about!

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