Tales from Different Tails

tales_from_different_tailsIf anyone can paint a vivid image with words, breathe life into a collection of alphabets, create a vivid imagination in one’s mind with intricately and well woven tales brewed in the Ghanaian soot-coated aluminum cooking pot, then it is Nana Awere Damoah. This collection of stories is an embodiment of class, style, humor, sarcasm, truth, knowledge, religion, self-realization and inspiration. Words are perfectly strung together in the right octave keeping the reader stuck to every word unconsciously, with bated breath awaiting the flip of the next page; each line loaded with enough pun, humor and anecdotes to make even the humor-deprived father-of-ten beam proudly with smiles. Tales From Different Tails is a must-have book for every literature addict, anyone looking for a new lease of life in African Literature and the general reading populace.
Full of so much wit, suspense, empathy and humor…with such vivid descriptions of characters, scenes and events.
Ben Dotsei Malor, Communications Advisor, United Nations, formerly of BBC World Service

Everyday happenings written in simple language. Every sub-topic is as true as the word.
Peggy Ama Donkor, Journalist of the Year (2005), Ghana

Like wine, Nana A Damoah is getting better with age. He has now outgrown the mediocrity of virginity and is writing with the aplomb of a veteran. This book is like what a cigarette is to a smoker. If you don’t want to get hooked, don’t start it.
Panganai Chatapura, South Africa
A masterful survey of contemporary Ghanaian society with stories that touch and tickle in equal measure. Where Damoah excels is in drawing well rounded characters, setting them free on the page and observing the dynamic, intricate relationships that ensue…. a must read for this year.
Tendai Huchu, Author of ‘The Hairdresser of Harare, Zimbabwe

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