An Irresistible Literary Tiger Nut

… Sebitically Speaking is released Accra, 14 August, 2015 Sebitically Speaking, described by Daily Graphic’s Samuel Obour as ‘an irresistible literary tiger nut every lover of Ghana must chew’ has been released in paperback, written by the Ghanaian writer and engineer, Nana Awere Damoah. The fifth book released by the writer in eight years, Sebitically

Shaibu has it!

Shaibu Abu-Adama achieves a double record! The first person to order Sebiticals in the UK and the very first person in the world to lay hands on a copy of the brand-new book! PS: Even the author doesn’t have a copy yet, hehehe. Congrats, Shaibu! You have won a copy of the yet-to-be released re-designed

H Kwasi Prempeh’s Foreword to Sebiticals

In honour of his birthday today, I share in full, for the first time, the Foreword Prof H Kwasi Prempeh wrote for my book Sebitically Speaking. HKP honoured me in this: his very first foreword for any book, ever. Read on … In the traditions of our people, observance of the appropriate protocol often qualifies

Review of Sebitically Speaking – by Anny Osabutey

A perfect reader’s guide for a visitor in Ghana, the book is hilarious and a sebitical reflection of how Ghana, after 58 years, is still wobbling on the knees to give meaning to her life. Nana finds the simple and direct local phrases and words to capture the everyday happenings in the country and, by