Commentary on social issues

Sebiticals Chapter 28 on Infoboxdaily

“Let me leave you with some more questions: What did you do last weekend to help someone affected by the floods? When was the last time your church donated to the needy? Does your church have a programme to support such people? Even within the church? Do an act of charity this month. Think about

Facebook Friends Outreach 2015

A number of you who supported our Facebook Friends Outreach last year have been asking me what we will be doing this year. The team has been brainstorming and discussing over the past few months and have agreed on 2 projects to partner and support: 1. Cecilia Amoafowaa Sefa is heading a project to fence


After the #dumsormuststop vigil, I walked back to where I had parked and drove home, via the Nkrumah Memorial Street (formerly known as Tema Motorway). Usually when I turn off towards Comm 20, I would get an inkling of whether we have lights at home or not by the illumination at the first gate of

Sebitically Speaking: How it Strikes Me – Antoinette Herrmann-Condobrey

In an information-saturated age where skimming through pages has virtually become the standard for reading, you know you got something unique when you find your head willingly buried in a book, checking out every line and with a smile. That is what Nana Awere Damoah gives you in Sebitically Speaking.   Inspired by Damoah’s late