One Liners

November Ramblings Act 1

I learnt years ago not to argue or attempt to reason with people incapable of listening and even considering different and, sometimes, superior opinions. I leant that persisting in my bid to change their minds drains me whilst they are rather invigorated in the juice of ignorance. There is much more to do in life

Nyansapo: Founders’ Day Thoughts

1. A nation that desists from thinking is never far from sinking. 2. Nkrumah advised we act as men of thought & think as men of action. So why do we have so many acting only as wo(men) of superficial action? 3. Nkrumah said there was a new African ready to control his own affairs.

Nyansapo: Campaigning Without Ceasing

Sm people are relevant only when there are electoral campaigns to be wrought. Explains why in GH, we campaign without ceasing. #WasamanMuse

Nyansapo: Hard Work

Good work, hard work, profitable work breaks no bones. It only breaks the back of the lazy.