Minced Musings – 17 Sept 2014

In Ghana National, Forms 2 and 3, we had a Mathematics Teacher called Double Man, shortened as Doboo. He was tall and huge and was not disinclined to lifting students off their feet when they misbehaved. He was a gentle soul, most of the times, and loved his job. He could be driven to tears

Minced Musings – 26 Dec 2013

26 December, 2013 Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria Just sitting and reflecting this early morning on a year gone by quicker than the rate at which electricity credits run in Sikaman. And also listening to Kafui Dey on Radio XYZ – it must be the first time I am listening to the station, though I remember

When A Wasaman Writes A Weekly

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Not-One-Sense : A Poem

Nonsense is when the trotro driver blames The passengers for running out of fuel Nonsense is when the police blame The robber for the police’s inability to catch The robber Nonsense is when bank blames The ATM for running out of cash Nonsense is when lactating mum blames The husband for her running out of