Update on Apagya – Planned Painting on 20 Sept

Good morning. Apagya Update – 22 September 2014 Yesterday about 30 volunteers spent the day painting the school. Kwabena Opoku-Agyemang blogs about it here. This week roofing sheets will be purchased to complete the remaining 40% of roofing. Thanks for the support. Nana, On behalf of Planning Team

Minced Musing – 12 July 2014

I work in Nigeria and one thing that amused me initially was how people were quick to say sorry when they consciously do wrong and you bring it to their attention. What moved that amusement to anger and shock was how when the person said sorry, he got angry when you still went further to

When the Boss Playa Stops, the Beat Goes On: Reflections on Komla Dumor

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