Eko Encounters: A Missive In May [Part III]

My Gift of Gold

4 November 2012, Eko.
Dear Aferba,
Tomorrow is your birthday and I have been thinking of the gift of you. And I continue to thank God that you found this simple fella worthy of your affection. As I thought of what to say to you, and read through some of the missives of the joyous journey we have had, I found this poem I wrote in 1999.
You know how it is that sometimes the forecast deviates so much from the reality? How it is believed that the bliss of new love can undergo a bitter metamorphosis? With these in mind, I perished the poem again. Every word of it still holds! Hehe, ok, perhaps I would work on some of the lines, using some more exotic words! But can you blame a Wasaman in love and writing poetry? How do you mix plantain and ebunu ebunu and arris-riss kontomire?
I reproduce the poem now….
Dated 20 July 1999
My beloved
You fill my every thought
You affect my every action
You are in my every plan
I sleep with you on my mind
Thoughts of you the best sleeping pills
I wake up thinking of you
Thoughts of you motivation to excel
You have touched my life
In ways I thought not possible
Obiara s3 3y3!
You are a gem
That’s everyone’s view
How did you even find me
How did you come to love me
How come you are my own dear
Nanaa, my heart leaps for joy
The heart just can’t belong to me
Never, not anymore
It has gone out
And I am just game!
My love, my life, my friend
I love you in ways inexplicable
Unique among all women
Different, so different
In a crowd, a gathering, a bevy
Of the finest of women on earth
Like Saul, you stand a head
Taller than them all
Your eyes are as a mirror
Into which I always look
In them I see the love I can’t
Understand you’re giving me
Your mouth, it smiles at me
And fills me with childish glee
Your confident stride
Oh! What a find I made
Surely, this is a gift of priceless gold
Nana Adjoa
I am still in a state of bliss
The air is filled with it
The sky is blue with understanding
The ground is stable with the peace of it
The Lord’s peace fills my heart and mind
The birds…they sing, lovingly
As loving as the choice words
That flow like the fountain of life
Through your lips
The testimonies will certainly continue
And I will continually be assured
That, surely, you are a gift, beyond compare
My future is blessed
I doubly believe that!
Even Nyame s3 3y3!
I am humbled by your love
I am strengthened by this love
I am motivated by this same love
This love stabilises me
Your love gives me peace
Your beautiful love gives me joy
I now wear a garment of happiness
The Lord be our guide
The Lord God be our protector
And the Father our shield
I love you, and love you, and love you!
Greater than what the word can convey
Is my love for you
Surely, you are a gift of gold
And already I am being called blessed
And greeted at the town gates
Surely, Vivian Nana Adjoa Richardson,
You are to me, Nana Damoah, me –
A gift of priceless gold!
Happy birthday my love.
Nana K, Nana Y, Maame Esi and I are blessed to have you as mum, wife and friend.
You are the best any Wasaman could get!

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  1. Samuel Ekong says:

    So very sweet…. very befitting for the Queen of your heart. Happy BIrthday from us as well.

  2. Isaac Neequaye says:

    Nice one Nana. I join you in saluting the Mrs. Please extend our hearty congratulations.

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