March Musing Act I

Our current leaders were once like you and I – young, full of dreams for the nation, frustrated with the status quo, eager to change the nation, pulsating to see a different Ghana. May we not become the leaders they are and have our children seeing us in the same light.

3 Responses to March Musing Act I

  1. Edward Larnyoh says:

    The issue is with the system we face as individuals as we get to such positions. One person can initiate a change vut it would take a group to maintain or achieve a fulfilled purpose. My little experience teacches me to maintain I integrity in such circumstances praying and hoping for the best results.

  2. Hm, Nana I always say that the kind of corruption and graft going on is a very bad example for our kids who will one day be the leaders of this country. We are indeed in ‘shit’

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