Nsempiisms: Voter Revolt

In response to a question from his new “catch” as to why he had stopped showering gifts on her, the well-known womaniser replied: “Which politician continues to campaign after winning the election?”
Listening to the news of some paramount chiefs in the Volta region complaining of bad roads and threatening to “ban” political activities in their areas until the roads are fixed, my mind went back to this story.
When we give the politicians the impression, and back it with our actions and votes, that irrespective of the crumbs they sprinkle intermittently and the promises they miss, they are assured of our votes, that our votes are banked for life in their account, why should they care to bring us development? 
The Volta region in particular seem to have mortgaged their votes to the NDC, earning the region that tag of “NDC World Bank”. During a demonstration last year or so, a placard indicated that it was being seen as a “Voter Region”. Why should the ruling party care to work for their votes? Does the shepherd go out looking for the sheep already in the pen?
They have been able to eat their cakes and still have it so why bother?
Yesterday as I drove on the Sakumono-Klagon road which has been decimated and left to rot for more than six years, as my car laboured on the stony stretch, I wondered why as a people we allow our leaders to insult us with such stress.
Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.

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  1. Elijah says:

    Hi NAD,
    My deduction from the above script is how we can break off from this tribal entrenched voting pattern to an accountability driven one. I have been very worried about this for the past 8 years as I have had the opportunity to vote 3 times in my life as a Ghanaian. It is quite depressing to see and here people defend politicians (Both government and opposition) on petty, trivial, unsustainable issues without recourse to the basic but significant matters and how to demand that accountability. In summary, 2 questions in my mind;
    1. How do individuals who demand accountability from politicians mostly on issues affecting us all get others in entrenched positions to align?
    2. Is voting the only power I have to demand accountability? I can’t wait 4 years to sack a non performer.

    Thank you

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