Red Friday

Over the weekend, I travelled to the Western region of Ghana to visit the Benso plantations. As we turned off the main Takoradi – Tarkwa road towards Adum Banso at Apawa, and we got into the cool of the trees, as the tall, majestic lords of the forest returned my gaze, I felt a deep sense of calm and my soul was at peace.
The next two days, I woke up early just to enjoy the tranquillity of the view of palm trees spread over hectares and hectares of land, and to just breath in the freshness of air.
There is something indescribably spiritual about coming to one’s land, one’s own country, to be in the midst of one’s own kith and kin.
I love Ghana. This is the only country I have known. This is the only country I can truly call home.
That is why I support every initiative, every action, every intention to make Ghana better, so my children and my children’s children can be proud of it. So I can leave it in a better shape than when I was born. So I can change the narrative from feeling that the past of Ghana looks brighter than the future. So I can true bequeath to them a better Ghana.
That is why I support #occupyghana. That is why I support #redfriday.
That is why I will wear red today.
My name is Nana Awere Damoah and I am a Ghanaian.

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    Eish. Nice one. Me too

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