Review of Sebitically Speaking – by Anny Osabutey

A perfect reader’s guide for a visitor in Ghana, the book is hilarious and a sebitical reflection of how Ghana, after 58 years, is still wobbling on the knees to give meaning to her life.
Nana finds the simple and direct local phrases and words to capture the everyday happenings in the country and, by extension, our localities. His storytelling abilities are laced with personal encounters with people from different works of life, as well as the daily happenings in the Ghana.
The book addresses the lackadaisical attitude most of us towards time and yet want to achieve results. Especially on football, how after successfully making Ghana and Africa proud in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, we ended up embarrassing ourselves and the rest of the continent in BRAZIL? It is compelling, spellbinding and a must-READ!

Anny Osabutey, Broadcast Journalist/CNN African Journalist for Radio (2012)

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