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Sebitically Speaking is an uplifting elixir that courses through the hearts and minds of readers and awakens their consciousness regarding how to improve themselves and their country. In confronting the complicated issues that perpetually frustrate Ghanaians, Damoah's style was not to depress or provoke insanity, but to deftly inspire readers with a view to affecting positive change. For someone who has written four great books, Sebitically Speaking is an incontrovertible confirmation of Damoah's literary genius. His uncanny ability to transform debilitating and chaotic socio-political topics into an exhilarating literary rollercoaster, using a perfect blend of wit and humour, and inducing a mixture of laughter and tears from readers, is especially evident in this book. Sebitically Speaking is an irresistible literary tiger nut that every lover of Ghana must chew. Samuel K Obour, Journalist, Daily Graphic

A perfect reader’s guide for a visitor in Ghana, the book is hilarious and a sebitical reflection of how Ghana, after 58 years, is still wobbling on her knees to give meaning to her life. Nana finds the simple and direct local phrases and words to capture the everyday happenings in the country and, by extension, our localities. His storytelling abilities are laced with personal encounters with people from different walks of life, as well as the daily happenings in Ghana. The book addresses the lackadaisical attitude most of us have towards time and yet want to achieve results. It is compelling, spellbinding and a must-READ! Anny Osabutey, Broadcast Journalist/CNN African Journalist for Radio (2012) 

Nana has an interesting way of drawing our attention to the important issues that face our society. By weaving a good dose of humor into his satirical pieces, he allows us the rare opportunity to laugh and reflect on the issues. Unlike the prevalent 'give-it-to-God-it-will-be-well attitude', he brings to fore the serious issues and asks the hard questions. His use of metaphors which reflect our culture and unique national situation makes this, a book every Ghanaian would identify with. Petra Aba Asamoah, General Manager Delta Air Lines GSA – Ghana

Nana Awere Damoah has a way with words. His writing is deep and creative, which paints a vivid picture of what he is addressing, and, of course, makes the reader yearn to know what happens next. In this book, Damoah writes about everyday issues of life with regards to governance, citizenship, finance, religion, power crisis among others in such a critical but humorous manner which makes the reader reflect on the happenings around. His use of proverbs and wise sayings gives me a nostalgic feeling of reading Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Sebitically Speaking makes pleasurable reading, a motivational and reflective piece for people who want a change in attitude to negativities. Recommended for anyone who wants to de-stress in a critical yet humorous manner! Mary Ayim-Segbefia, Assistant Lecturer, NAFTI

Nana can best be described as an apotheosis when it comes to ingenuity at coining Ghanamanic lexicons to describe events and tell his stories. Sebitically Speaking is a riveting compilation, which reveals his staunch patriotism for Sikaman (Ghana) and his desire to shape it better for the next generation. What makes this book a standout is Nana’s justness to immaculately engage your thoughts on the sordid social issues happening in Ghana and Africa. Instead of evoking your rage, Sebitically Speaking is intertwined with humor and satire enough to calm your nerves about these issues. For anyone who lives outside the African continent, this book is not just a pepper-upper but a complete recommended dose to garnish your thoughts and keep you updated on what you might be missing from home. Williams Kyei, Postgraduate Student in Sport Management, South Korea

Sebitically Speaking is beautifully woven with threads of humour and common sense. Throughout the pages of this book, Nana Damoah displays an uncommon degree of common sense as he muses over the myriad of challenges that continue to retard Ghana's forward march. His concise storytelling approach cuts through the fluff, highlighting our everyday challenges with a series of engaging anecdotes. Thought-provoking; a great read for anyone who genuinely believes Ghana can and should do better. YesiYesi Ghana, Ghana's No. 1 Satire News Source

Having read Nana Awere Damoah’s well received book I Speak of Ghana, I was not surprised at how Nana has seamlessly turned his hand to write another amazing book which, in my opinion, re-echoes Nana’s place as one of the finest writers on the continent of Africa today. What sustains the narrative is the glimmer of hope and intelligent submission Nana proffers. Kwaku Frimpong, Graduate Student in Environmental Biology, Canada

In the 20th century, to glean a picture of the Gold Coast’s cultures and customs, one had to read Dr. J.B.Danquah’s works. In this century, to glean a picture of the quirks and nuances of today’s Ghana, one simply has to read Nana Awere Damoah’s Sebitically Speaking. Nana lays bare what is quintessentially Ghanaian in a gripping, humorous and easy-to-read fashion. I thoroughly enjoyed his witty but totally spot-on anecdotes about Ghana’s political landscape. I recommend Sebitically Speaking especially to the Ghanaian in the diaspora – it certainly would evoke some very fond memories. Abyna-Ansaa Adjei, Publisher, Frangipani Books Ltd

In Sebitically Speaking, we get a compilation of the happenings in the Ghana most of us are not proud of but yet remain hopeful of its resurrection going forward; this book should be the perfect gift for any public official you know. Kwame Gyan, Blogger, Social Media Activist, PR/Marketing Professional

Inspired by Damoah's late uncle, nicknamed Wofa Kapokyikyi, who was known for speaking his mind like nobody's business, Sebitically Speaking is set around responsible citizenship and nation building, and provokes our thoughts about who we are and our priorities as a people. The style of expression in this casually-narrated but provocative read, which gets funny sometimes and emotional occasionally, is distinct. A chunk of the narrative comes as veiled expressions with obvious meanings. Yet, the bluntness that characterizes the bulk reminds you of the one person whose name runs through every chapter, the uncle to whom this book is dedicated. Evidently, Kapokyikyi's piercingly candid vocalizations – helped habitually by booze – have found well-deserved credit in Damoah's own intellectual freedom, growth and sense of humor. Antoinette Herrmann-Condobrey, Freelance journalist, New Jersey, USA

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