Ghanamanic Gullibility

There are some names and words that are unique to Ghana. My writer friend Kofi Akpabli has a number of them listed in his book ‘Tickling The Ghanaian’. He calls it Ghanakasacartograph. In there he has terms like ‘Tokyo Joe’, ‘Opana’, ‘Shogologobangoshay’ and ‘Ampukyekye’.  What is fascinating about some of these ‘terms’ is that we

Minced Musings – 1 May 2013

The good thing about being a politician in Africa is that you can always blame someone for your woes and non-performance: your predecessor, the past government, your detractors, the opposition, witches, the weather, imperialists, enemy forces, the ineffective civil service, the West, EU, neo-colonialists…the list and probable ‘enemies of your progress’ are endless. As long

Rejoinder: Why Sweat Elsewhere? – by Kobby Parker

My friend Kobby Parker shares his thoughts in response to my earlier article. Kobby is a banker and a writer.   Ghana Today Recently, I was on a flight from Takoradi toAccra. The plane was full. I was the only chocolate-coloured man (I am not black) on the plane. The plane was full with cream-coloured

Eko Encounters: Why Sweat Elsewhere?

27 June 2012 As I made my way to work this morning, my thoughts turned, as usual for this week in particular, toAfrica. I have been musing this week aboutGhanaand today I added the country I consider my second home –Nigeria. I have been working here in Eko permanently for almost three months now. I