Apagya Detailed Progress Report as at 27 September 2014

PROGRESS REPORT 27TH SEPTEMBER REHABILITATION WORKS TO APAGYA R/C PRIMARY SCHOOL (PROGRESS REPORT NO 1) Executive Summary This report captures works executed on Apagya R/C Primary School by a group of philanthropist as at 27th September 2014. Apagya R/C Primary school is a six unit classroom block that had the roof of three of its

Apagya Update 2 – 27 September 2014

Dear Friends: Please find below receipts of 13 packets of roofing sheets purchased this week. We have some guys in Apagya who help us with pictures of updates. One of them has donated 10 bags of cement to support the foundation repair works! NAD (of behalf of Planning Team)

Apagya Update – 27 September 2014

Dear Friends, This is an update on the Apagya project. On Sunday September 21, 2014, over 30 volunteers visited Apagya and painted the exterior sides of the re-roofed part of the school building. They scraped and sandpapered the walls before applying two coats of paint to the walls.   Kudos to these kind hearts! We purchased

Apagya Project Update – Roofing Sheets Up

11 September 2014 Dear Friends: This is a quick update in pictures on the progress of the roofing. The 15 packets of roofing sheets we have bought initially have gone up now (60% complete). We require 10 more packets at a cost of GHC300 each, a total of GHC3000. We also need to buy 15