Minced Musings – 28 June 2014

We have to reflect more about the past, appreciate where we are, so we can better the future. More than a few people are disillusioned about how our current government is performing. And what its priorities are. I say that the shape and beauty of a building is determined first at the design stage and

My A-Team for Cabinet de Mahama

My A- Team Minister of Interior: Bernard Allotey Jacobs Minister of Finance: Alfred Woyome Minister of Defence: Tony Aidoo Attorney General and Minister of Justice: David Annan Minister of Education: Sekou Nkrumah Minister of Food and Agriculture: Kwesi Ahwoi Minister of Trade and Industry: Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings Minister of Health: Zita Okaikoi Minister of Local

Thoughts by Pakwo Shum – food for thought on GH politics

Written by Pakwo Shum A few weeks ago I declared my open support for John Mahama and the NDC party. For 20 years before that I had remained a silent supporter. This morning, I figured out why I remained that way for so long until a few days ago. Friends, it is very difficult to

Nyansapo: Campaigning Without Ceasing

Sm people are relevant only when there are electoral campaigns to be wrought. Explains why in GH, we campaign without ceasing. #WasamanMuse