20 YEARS ON… (I would do the same thing all over again) – by Ace Ankomah

May I reminisce? 11th July 1994 was a Monday. I was still 26, bright-eyed, and a tad confused about life and its twists and turns. At 10:00am, it was definitely a nervous me who was ushered into the room where I was to defend my masters thesis with a long title: THE DESIGN AND OPERATION

Minced Musing – 12 July 2014

I work in Nigeria and one thing that amused me initially was how people were quick to say sorry when they consciously do wrong and you bring it to their attention. What moved that amusement to anger and shock was how when the person said sorry, he got angry when you still went further to

A Stroll in the Park on Republic Day! – REJOINDER – by Ace Ankomah

The Editor Daily Graphic newspaper Accra Dear Sir: I read with some amusement, the Opinion of my friend and senior Mfantsipim old boy, Colin Essamuah in his Abura Epistle column, and titled ‘A Stroll in the Park on Republic Day!’ I could not help but notice that although the Opinion was published in the July

Minced Musings – 28 June 2014

We have to reflect more about the past, appreciate where we are, so we can better the future. More than a few people are disillusioned about how our current government is performing. And what its priorities are. I say that the shape and beauty of a building is determined first at the design stage and