University hall, otherwise known as Katanga, of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is 50 years old today! Spearheaded by the Alumni Association, a number of activities are being planned to mark the festivities throughout the year. As a precursor to the anniversary, a Golden Jubilee Press Launch was held on 3rd November

Kat@50: Life In Katanga

 This is culled from the official Katanga Alumni website: www.katangaweb.com ORGANISATION   Katanga is organized formally as any of the other Halls with a constitution recognizing the Senior and Junior Common Rooms. The Senior Common Room is made up of past fellows who work for the University and periodically elect the Hall Masters from amongst

Eko Encounters: A Missive In May [Part III]

4 November 2012, Eko. Dear Aferba, Tomorrow is your birthday and I have been thinking of the gift of you. And I continue to thank God that you found this simple fella worthy of your affection. As I thought of what to say to you, and read through some of the missives of the joyous

Eko Encounters: A Missive In May [Part II]

15 June 2012   Dear Aferba, Sorry it has taken quite a bit to continue this missive. It was partly intentional, and partly due to circumstances within my control. That means the reasons are both intentional, no? First of all, as I reflected on the years that I have so far shared with you, I