Eko Encounters: A Missive In May [Part III]

4 November 2012, Eko. Dear Aferba, Tomorrow is your birthday and I have been thinking of the gift of you. And I continue to thank God that you found this simple fella worthy of your affection. As I thought of what to say to you, and read through some of the missives of the joyous

Eko Encounters: A Missive In May [Part II]

15 June 2012   Dear Aferba, Sorry it has taken quite a bit to continue this missive. It was partly intentional, and partly due to circumstances within my control. That means the reasons are both intentional, no? First of all, as I reflected on the years that I have so far shared with you, I

Tribute to Camacho – by Chemineer Class of 1999 (Written by Dr Reynolds Agyare-Frimpong)

Camacho, as he was popularly known on campus, was a very smart and driven young man. He was very analytical and expressed his views liberally, however divergent from mainstream they seemed, to elicit meaningful discussions. Members of Unity Hall (his residence hall in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) might remember him as a

Eko Encounters: A Missive in May [Part I]

Dear Aferba, On the eve of Mothers’ Day and a month to our 10th wedding anniversary, I have decided to reflect on my journey with you so far and to appreciate, with gratitude to God first for the gift of you, and to you for the gift of your love, partnership, friendship and companionship. My