Logoligi Musings – 23 May 2015

No where is gullibility and lack of thinking, not to speak of critical thinking, displayed than in the political arena and amidst politicos in Sikaman. Doing politics and being able to analyse and assess what is told you are not mutually exclusive. Unfortunately, instead of being a tool of enlightenment, social media has magnified this

Minced Musings – 26 Dec 2013

26 December, 2013 Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria Just sitting and reflecting this early morning on a year gone by quicker than the rate at which electricity credits run in Sikaman. And also listening to Kafui Dey on Radio XYZ – it must be the first time I am listening to the station, though I remember

March Musing Act II

One of the major problems we have in Ghana is the “had I/we/he” and “what if” syndromes. That is why we continue to debate and berate what happened and the actors of 50 years ago. Even God cannot change the past, he can only forgive it. What are we doing today for tomorrow?

March Musing Act I

Our current leaders were once like you and I – young, full of dreams for the nation, frustrated with the status quo, eager to change the nation, pulsating to see a different Ghana. May we not become the leaders they are and have our children seeing us in the same light.