February Musing Act 1

I like to compare and contrast, to extract lessons from everyday situations. We say our coach Kwesi Appiah was timid in his approach at the AFCON? How has our government been in the past few years? We say the coach lacked strategies and so should be sacked? What new strategies have our national leaders demonstrated

Logoligi musings: When the past is brighter than the future

~ Written in August 2010 In 1983, I was not yet a teenager but I remember vividly the journey to Wasa Akropong. Before this visit, I recollect an earlier visit when my grandfather passed away and we had to be in the holy village for his funeral. That was in 1980 and I remember the

ExQuestions on my Mind – Nov 2012

1. What really is there to choose between the two leading parties: NPP and NDC? 2. Apart from the Free SHS, what is the NPP going to do differently if voted into power? 3. What exactly is the flagship message from the NDC apart from telling us the NPP’s promises are untenable? 4. Can Ghanaians

DNA musings – 22 June 2012

Two thoughts on my mind this dawn: Musing #1 Listening to Peace FM this dawn and just heard this advert for a pastor: ‘God doesn’t move unless he passes it through those He has called and annointed…’ and it goes on to mention a pastor’s name, with a nwomkro song to the honour of the