Tickling the Ghanaian

Book signing – Kofi Akpabli and Nana Awere Damoah

BOOK SIGNING: Spend an afternoon with authors Kofi Akpabli (Sense of Savannah, Tickling the Ghanaian and CNN African Journalist for Arts and Culture for 2010 and 2011, with articles The Serious Business of Soup in Ghana & What is Right with Akpeteshie) and Nana Awere Damoah (Excursions in My Mind, Through the Gates of Thought

Tickling the Tales: Forward – by Kofi Akpabli

Each time a writer digs into his resources and brings out a story, humanity is largely, well- served. But it first begins with curiosity and plenty of generosity. In other words, one must first be interested in observing the human situation, and care enough to share. Tales from Different Tails sets out exactly to achieve

Guest Blogger: Kofi Akpabli – How Cloths Tickle the Ghanaian

HOW CLOTHS TICKLE THE GHANAIAN KOFI AKPABLI In today’s global village many would find it hard to understand why we make a fuss about cloths. But the truth is that in Ghanaian society cloths mean the world. Beyond adding style and colour to our fashion sense their usage reflects a range of cultural values. Be

Book review: Tickling the Ghanaian – reviewed by Dr Kwaku Boakye

Title: Tickling the Ghanaian: Encounters with Contemporary Culture. Author: Kofi Akpabli Publishers: TREC Genre: Culture/Tourism Year of Publication: 2011 Pages: 142 Country: Ghana Reviewer: Dr. Kwaku Adutwum Ayim Boakye The book ‘Tickling the Ghanaian’ really delivers on its core mandate: making the reader laugh while asking pertinent questions about our lifestyles. In my view, the